Sunday, June 26th - 3rd Sunday after Pentecost - Ss John & Paul, Mm
Monday, June 27th - Our Mother of Perpetual Help
Tuesday, June 28th - St Irenaeus, BM - Vigil of Ss Peter & Paul, App
Wednesday, June 29th - Ss Peter & Paul, App
Thursday, June 30th Commemoration of St Paul, Ap
Friday, July 1st - Most Precious Blood of Jesus
Saturday, July 2nd - Visitation Blessed Virgin Mary - Ss Processus & Martinian, Mm
Sunday, July 3rd - 4th Sunday after Pentecost - St Leo II, PC

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  • First Friday and First Saturday this week. Remember the promises attached to these wonderful devotions.
  • Catechism Week Success: Thanks to Fr Zepeda, the Sisters, and all who came for a wonderful and fruitful week!
  • Welcome Fr Borja: He will be visiting and offering the Mass next Sunday, July 3rd.
  • Confraternity Meeting: Will be held after the First Saturday Mass, July 2nd
  • School Registration: Papers for next year’s registration are available. Please see Sister Jeanne Marie.

Meditation on The Sacred Heart of Jesus

From The Liturgical Year by Dom Prosper Gueranger

Sacred Heart of JesusAt the period of Jesus' coming upon this earth, man had forgotten how to love, for he had forgotten what true beauty was. His heart of flesh seemed to him as a sort of excuse for his false love of false goods: his heart was but an outlet, whereby his soul could stray from heavenly things to the husks of earth, there to waste his power and his substance. To this material worlds, which the soul of man was intended to make subserve its Maker’s glory – to this world, which, by a sad perversion, kept man’s soul a slave to his senses and passions – the Holy Ghost sent a marvelous power, which, like a resistless lever, would replace the world in its right position: it was the sacred Heart of Jesus; a Heart of flesh, like that of other human beings, from whose created throbbings there would ascend to the eternal Father an expression of love, which would be an homage infinitely pleasing to the infinite Majesty, because there was in that love of that human Heart the dignity of its union with the Word. It is a harp of sweetest melody, that is ever vibrating under the touch of the Spirit of Love; it gathers up into its own music the music of all creation, whose imperfections it corrects, and supplies its deficiencies, and tunes all discordant voices into unity, and so offers to the glorious Trinity a hymn of perfect praise. The Trinity finds its delight in this Heart. It is the one only organum, as St Gertrude calls it, the one only instrument which finds acceptance with the Most High. Through it must pass all the inflamed praises of the burning Seraphim, just as must do the humble homage paid to its God by inanimate creation. By it alone are to come upon this world the favors of heaven. It is the mystic ladder between man and God, the channel of all graces, the way whereby man ascends to God and God descends to man.

The Holy Ghost, whose masterpiece it is, has made it a living image of Himself; for although, in the ineffable relations of the Divine Persons, He is not the source of love, He is its substantial expression, or in theological language, the term; it is He who inclines the Holy Trinity to those works outside itself, which first produces creatures, and then, having given them being (and to some, life), the Holy Spirit pours out upon them all the effusion of their Creator's love for them. And so it is with the love which the Man-God has for God and Man – its direct and, so to say, material expression is the throbbing it produces upon His Sacred Heart; and again, it is by that Heart that, like the Water and Blood which came from His wounded Side, He pours out upon the world a stream of redemption and grace, which is to be followed by the still richer one of glory.

Recessional Hymn

To Jesus’ Heart all burning With fervent love for men
My heart with fondest yearning Shall raise the joyful strain.
While ages course along, Blest be with loudest song
The Sacred Heart of Jesus By every heart and tongue!
The Sacred Heart of Jesus By every heart and tongue.
O Heart for me on fire With love no man can speak
My yet untold desire God gives me for Thy sake.
While ages course along, Blest be with loudest song
The Sacred Heart of Jesus By every heart and tongue!
The Sacred Heart of Jesus By every heart and tongue.