Sunday, July 25th - 9th Sunday after Pentecost - St James the Greater Ap - St Christopher M
Monday, July 26th - St Anne, Mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Tuesday, July 27th - Feria - St Pantaleon M
Wednesday, July 28th - Ss Nazarius & Celsus Mm - Victor PM - Innocent I PC
Thursday, July 29th - St Martha V - Ss Felix II P & Comp Mm
Friday, July 30th - Feria - Ss Abdon & Sennon Mm
Saturday, July 31st - St Ignatius Loyola C
Sunday, August 1st - 10th Sunday after Pentecost - St Peter in Chains - Seven Holy Maccabees Mm

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Miracle of the Precious Blood of Jesus

One who visits the blessed site of Mary’s apparitions at Fatima need only travel down the road for three-quarters of an hour to view a wonderful Eucharistic Miracle. It is easy to consider this in conjunction with the story of Fatima, where the Mother of God pleaded for, and the Angel of Portugal stressed the importance of, reparation to Almighty God, "already too much offended".

Different dates have been assigned to the origin of this marvel: 1247, 1266, 1346. This may be due to the fact that the sacred Relic has been the source of many miracles over the centuries.

The tale involves a woman and her unfaithful husband. In a desperate attempt to save her marriage, this woman appealed to a sorceress for help. The sorceress said she would grant the woman’s wish of renewing the husband’s fidelity: in exchange for the poor wife was to bring her a consecrated Host. Reluctantly the woman decided to commit the sacrilege and steal a Consecrated Host. She went to Mass at the Church of St. Stephen, received Holy Eucharist, took the Sacred Host out of her mouth and wrapped it in her veil, and headed quickly out of the church.

Before she had taken more than a few steps, the Host began to bleed. It bled so much that it appeared as if she had cut herself. Several concerned parishioners attempted to help her, but she ran out of the church.

Upon returning home, she threw the bloody Host into the bottom of an old trunk. As usual, her husband returned home late. During the middle of the night, a mysterious light emanated from the trunk. The terrified woman confessed to her husband what she had done, and both knelt in adoration and repentance before the Miracle.

The next morning they told the parish priest what had happened. He placed the Host in a wax container and solemnly returned to the church. Of course, upon hearing the news, the villagers hurried to the church to see and venerate the Miracle.

When the priest opened the tabernacle another miracle had taken place! The wax container holding the Sacred Host was found shattered in many pieces, and the Host was now enclosed in a crystal pyx. After an exhaustive investigation by ecclesiastical authorities, this second Miracle was recognized.

It is an article of our faith that the wine and bread literally become the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and to actually see it physically manifested is a wonderful experience. After venerating the Sacred Host, one can actually walk the streets through which the desperate woman fled from the church to her home.

Martyrdom of James the Greater

Beheading of James the GreterMary, in Ephesus with the beloved disciple John, was aware of the imminent martyrdom of his brother James. The angels made themselves visible to her, saying, "Empress of heaven and our Lady, the most high Lord and God bids you immediately to hasten to Jerusalem to console his great servant James, to assist him in his death and to grant all his loving and holy desires."

They placed her on a most refulgent throne and bore her to the place of the execution of Saint James, where she was visible to him alone. He addressed her in his heart, fervently asking for her blessing - "Offer for me to thy Son and Redeemer of the world, the sacrifice of my life, since I am burning with desire to be a holocaust for the glory of His name. Let today thy most pure and spotless hands be the altar of my sacrifice... Into thy hands I commend my spirit."

With his eyes fixed upon the most holy Mary, the holy Apostle was beheaded. The great Lady and Queen of the world (O wonderful condescension!) received the soul of her beloved Apostle, and placing it at her side on the throne, ascended with it to the heavens and presented it to her divine Son.

Mary of Agreda (Mystical City of God)

O Lord, grant that Thy people, defended by the protection of Thine apostle James, may both please Thee by their conduct, and serve Thee with minds all untroubled.