Sunday, August 11th - 9th Sunday after Pentecost - St Philomena VM
Monday, August 12th - St Clare V
Tuesday, August 13th - Ss Hippolytus & Cassian Mm
Wednesday, August 14th - Vigil of the Assumption - St Eusebius C
Thursday, August 15th - Assumption Bl Virgin Mary - St Tarcisius M
Friday, August 16th - St Joachim C, Father Blessed Virgin Mary
Saturday, August 17th - St Hyacinth C
Sunday, August 18th - 10th Sunday after Pentecost - St Agapitus M - St Helena Emp

  • Blessed Feastday to all! Join in the celebration of our eleventh anniversary at Our Lady of the Snow and in honoring Saint Philomena, patroness of the Children of Mary!
  • ASSUMPTION BVM is a Holy Day of Obligation. Mass attendance is required and all unnecessary servile work is forbidden on this day. We treat these special Holy Days just like Sundays.

St. Philomena

We praise thee, Philomena, blest martyr and blest maid,
Since Christ through thee works wonders, we come to thee for aid.
Red rose of sweetest fragrance, glowing with charity,
Yet white with lily-whiteness of angel’s purity!

Thou well-beloved Maiden, all girt with Heaven’s might,
Help those who sit in darkness, thou daughter of the Light!
Cheer those whose hope is waning, and warm the hearts grown cold,
Console the sad and lonely, strengthen the weak and old.

Be thou the guide of pilgrims, restore the steps that stray
Bring health to those who suffer, be thou their gladsome ray.
Make us who now implore thee, loving and brave and wise,
May we one day behold thee, Princess of Paradise!

All hail, Saint Philomena, thou Virgin of the Lord!
Help us to love and praise Him, and make His Name adored!

Immaculate Heart of Mary

Let us honor the Immaculate Heart of Mary by a more pious recitation of her Holy Rosary, taking advice and encouragement from St Louis de Montfort's "Secret of the Rosary".

Our imagination, which is hardly still a minute, makes our task harder and then of course there is the devil who never wearies of trying to distract us and keep us from praying. To what ends does not the evil one go against us while we are engaged in saying our Rosary against him!

Being human, we easily become tired and slipshod - but the devil makes these difficulties worse when we are saying the Rosary. Before we even begin he makes us feel bored, distracted or exhausted and when we have started praying he oppresses us from all sides. And when, after much difficulty and many distractions, we have finished, he whispers to us: "What you have said is worthless. It's useless for you to say the Rosary. You had better get on with other things. It's only a waste of time to pray without paying attention to what you're saying; a half hours' meditation or some spiritual reading would be much better. Tomorrow when you're not feeling so sluggish you'll pray better; finish your Rosary tomorrow." By tricks of this kind the devil gets us to give up the Rosary altogether or else hardly say it at all, and we keep putting it off or else change to some other devotion.

Dear Rosary members, do not listen to the devil, but be of good heart even if your imagination has been bothering you throughout your Rosary, filling your mind with all kinds of distracting thoughts - as long as you really tried hard to get rid of them as soon as they came. Always remember that the best Rosary is the one with the most merit, and there is more merit in praying when it is hard than when it is easy. Prayer is all the harder when it is (naturally speaking) distasteful to the soul and is filled with those annoying little ants and flies running about in your imagination, against your will, and scarcely allowing you the time to enjoy a little peace and appreciate the beauty of what you are saying.

Even if you have to fight distractions all through your whole Rosary be sure to fight well, arms in hand: that is to say, do not stop saying your Rosary even if it is hard to say and you have absolutely no sensible devotion. It is a terrible battle, I know, but one that is profitable to the faithful soul. If you put down your arms, that is, if you give up the Rosary, you will be admitting defeat and then, having won, the devil will leave you alone.

But at the Day of Judgment he will taunt you because of your faithlessness and lack of courage. "He that is faithful in that which is least, is faithful also in that which is greater." He who fights even the smallest distractions faithfully when he says even the smallest prayer will be faithful in great things. We can be absolutely certain of this because the Holy Ghost has told us so.

So all of you, servants and handmaids of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary, who have made up your minds to say the Rosary every day, be of good heart. Do not let the flies (it is thus that I call the distractions that make war on you during prayer) make you cowardly and abandon the company of Jesus and Mary, in whose presence you always are when saying the Rosary.

Appostolic Constitution of Pope Pius XII - Munificentissimus Deus

Defining the Dogma of the Assumption

November 1, 1950

Having poured forth prayers of supplication again and again to God, and having invoked the light of the Spirit of Truth, for the glory of Almighty God Who has lavished His special affection upon the Virgin Mary, for the honor of her Son, the immortal King of the Ages and the Victor over sin and death, for the increase of the glory of that same august Mother, and for the joy and exultation of the entire Church; by the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ, of the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul, and by our own authority, we pronounce, declare, and define it to be a divinely revealed dogma: that the Immaculate Mother of God, the ever Virgin Mary, having completed the course of her earthly life, was assumed body and soul into heavenly glory.

Closing Hymn

Salve Pater Jesu mei, Sponse Genitricis Dei, Quem decorat puritas, Salve, Salve!
Salve, Pater Salvatoris! Salve, custos Redemptoris! Joseph amabilis, salve; Joseph amabilis, salve!
Pium pius te patronum, Te tutorem dedit fidum Pontifex Ecclesiae, Salve, Salve!

Hail, Father of my Jesus! Spouse of the Mother of God Adorned with purity: Hail, hail!
Hail, Father of the Savior! Hail, guardian of the Redeemer! Joseph most loving, hail! Joseph most lovable, hail!
O holy patron, Faithful and true guardian of Holy Church Hail, hail!

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