Sunday, April 11th - Low Sunday - St Leo I PCD
Monday, April 12th - Feria - St Julius PC
Tuesday, April 13th - St Hermenegild M
Wednesday, April 14th - St Justin M - Ss Tibertius, Valerian & Maximus Mm
Thursday, April 15th - Feria - St Lydwina V
Friday, April 16th - Feria - St Benedict Joseph Labre C
Saturday, April 17th - Blessed Virgin Mary Saturday - St Eleutherius BM
Sunday, April 18th - 2nd Sunday after Easter - St Isidore BCD/p>

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment guidance for wearing masks

  • Please maintain physical distancing of 6 feet from members not of the same household.
  • Hand hygiene is strongly recommended: hand sanitizers, automatic soap dispensers, and sanitary wipes are available.

  • Welcome Fr. Sandquist who is offering Mass today
  • House of Gold Rosaries has been invited to our parish by the Bishop to showcase their rosaries. They will have a booth on display next Sunday, April 18. Please stop by and browse their selection of items!
  • Confirmation Sign Up Sheet: in the vestibule, for anyone in need of receiving the Sacrament. This will give Father an idea of whether or not to invite His Excellency to the parish to administer this Sacrament.
  • Confirmations at OLS will be conferred after the 9:30a.m. Mass on Sunday, April 25. A reception with Bishop Pivarunas will follow; all are welcome
  • Easter Duty: Catholics are reminded of their serious obligation to receive Holy Communion worthily at least once during this time which extends from the First Sunday in Lent to Trinity Sunday. One who neglects to fulfill this serious duty can be denied ecclesiastical burial.
  • Update to Sunday Mass Schedule Beginning April 11, Sunday Masses will be offered at 7 a.m. & 9:30 a.m.

Saint Benedict Joseph Labre : Beggar of Perpetual Adoration, Saint of Many Things

During the six years Benedict Joseph's received formal instruction from his paternal uncle, François-Joseph Labre, curé of Erin, he made considerable progress in the study of Latin, history, etc. He was ever drawn to a deep spirituality, and eventually found himself unable to conquer a growing distaste for any form of knowledge which did not make directly for union with God. A love of solitude, a generous employment of austerities and devotedness to his religious exercises were discernible as distinguishing features of his life at this time and constitute the prelude to his subsequent career.

At age 16, Benedict Joseph "found his vocation." He forsook his country, his family, and earthly desires, and became a pilgrim. Walking to Rome, begging as he went, he became a vagabond bound to God alone, a pilgrim vowed to ceaseless prayer. He lived on whatever people gave him, and readily shared what little pittance he received. He observed silence, praying constantly. After that he traveled from one great shrine to another - in Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain - living off alms. He wore a beggar’s rags and shared his food - indeed, his life - with the poor. His was a life of strict penance, not in the wilderness or cloister, but in the midst of the world. Many times, Benedict Joseph humbly received rough treatment; his Exemplar was Jesus Crucified. He “stayed the course,” remaining faithful to the path laid before him. His fidelity was blessed by miraculous events: cures of the homeless, multiplication of food for the needy.

After 1774, apart from an annual pilgrimage to the Madonna at the Holy House of Loreto, Benedict Joseph remained in the Eternal City. At night, he often slept in the Colosseum; during the day he sought out churches where the Forty Hours Devotion was being held, so as to be able to adore the Blessed Sacrament exposed. So striking was his love for the Blessed Sacrament that the Romans came to call him “the beggar of Perpetual Adoration.” He was graced with a profound recollection in church. More than once he was observed in ecstasy, ravished into the love of God and shining with an unearthly light.

On April 16, 1783, Wednesday in Holy Week, Benedict Joseph collapsed on the church steps of Santa Maria dei Monti. He was carried to a neighbouring house where he received the last sacraments, and died. He was thirty-five years old. No sooner did news of his death reach the streets than a huge throng gathered crying, "È morto il santo! - The saint is dead!" Benedict Joseph was buried under the altar in a side chapel of Santa Maria dei Monti.

Benedict Joseph Labre's biography, written by his confessor, includes testimonials of 136 cures granted through his intercession within three months of his death. Those miracles were instrumental in the conversion of Reverend John Thayer, the first American Protestant clergyman to convert to Catholicism, who lived in Rome at the time of the saint’s death. Pope Pius IX proclaimed him Blessed in 1860, and Leo XIII celebrated his canonization in 1881.

Saint Benedict Joseph Labre, pray for us that like you, we may pass through this life as pilgrims, and as perpetual adorers, drawn by the wondrous Mystery of the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Oh divine Jesus!

Oh divine Jesus, lonely tonight in so many tabernacles, without visitor or worshipper, I offer Thee my heart. Oh, may its very beating be a prayer of love to Thee! Thou art ever watching under the sacramental veils. In Thy love thou never sleepest, and Thou are never weary of Thy vigils for sinners. O loving Jesus, O lonely Jesus, may my heart be a lamp, the light of which shall burn and beam for Thee alone. Watch Sentinel, watch, for the weary world, for the erring soul, and for Thy poor child.