Sunday, March 22nd - Laetare - 4th Sunday of Lent - St Isidore C
Monday, March 23rd - Lenten Feria - St Turibius BC
Tuesday, March 24th - St Gabriel Archangel
Wednesday, March 25th - Annunciation Bl Virgin Mary - St Dismas
Thursday, March 27th - Lenten Feria - St Ludger BC
Friday, March 28th - St John Damascene CD
Saturday, March 29th - Lenten Feria - St John Capistrano CD
Sunday, March 30th - Passion Sunday - Ss Jonas, Barachisius & Comp Mm

  • If you have respiratory symptons, please stay home
  • Ladies Retreat 2020- August 11- August 16 at Mount Saint Michael in Spokane WA. Fliers are available in the vestibule of the church.

On Sundays there will be no Public Masses offered at Our Lady of the Snow, but Holy Communion will be distributed to groups of eight persons at three locations (Main Chapel, Our Lady of Grace Chapel - aka choir loft, and the Grotto), at the times listed below. The ushers will assist in seeing that this Law of Ten (Father, server, eight recipients) is observed at all times and in all locations. Please read the attached message in its entirety for full details on the availability of the church for visits, for the reception of Holy Communion, and for the Sacrament of Penance.
a.m. times: 8:00, 8:30, 9:00, 9:30. 10:00. 10:30 and 11:00
p.m. times: 5:30, 6:00 and 6:30

Laetare Sunday is typically a time of rejoicing!

A story of hope and encouragement for our times

An Unstoppable Plague

It was in the year 1432 - a year that the whole of Portugal would never forget - that the city of Lisbon was struck with a horrible and devastating plague. It was terribly contagious, spreading by even the smallest object or garment used by a plague victim. Many died throughout the great capital, collapsing anywhere - in the street, the market, the church or their homes. The plague claimed its victims so rapidly that many of the dead lay unburied in the streets - among these being even the doctors and the priests who strove to fight it. Seized with fear, people fled the nation’s capital, and thus sadly spread the deadly disease throughout the entire country.

All of Portugal was at the mercy of this unstoppable plague. Devastation reigned supreme and the situation appeared truly hopeless. At least... by human measures. All would have been lost had Heaven not inspired one holy bishop to find recourse in a powerful but seldom employed prayer - Jesus' Name.

Monsignor Andre Dias, who was among those bravely aiding the plague victims, exhorted his patients to call upon the Most Holy Name of Jesus with confidence. He encouraged this devotion even among those still well.

"Write It on cards," he told the people. "And keep those cards on your persons; place them at night under your pillows; place them on your doors; but above all, constantly invoke with your lips and in your hearts this most powerful Name." His zealous example brought comfort and courage to the despairing victims. And those who followed the bishop's wise counsel quickly found a healing peace in their hearts.

Inspired further, Monsignor Dias decided to turn his personal advice into a public appeal. Gathering everyone into the church of St. Dominic, the holy prelate exhorted his flock to call upon the Sacred Name of Jesus. Then, taking water, he blessed it in this Name and distributed it to the people. He told everyone to sprinkle the holy water on themselves and those afflicted with the disease.

The Catholics of that terror stricken city quickly followed the bishop's advice. The good God richly rewarded their faith, and soon, the power of Jesus Christ's Name was wondrously manifested to all. For no sooner were the sick and dying blessed with the holy water, or prayed for through the Holy Name, that they arose healthy and healed. And in merely a few days, the plague-filled city was free of the deadly terror.

And the miracles did not end there - for the wondrous news spread even faster than the plague. Before long, throughout all of Portugal, people turned humbly and trustfully to Our Lord, calling upon His All-powerful Name - and finding therein... peace, health, and freedom.

Few people know and truly understand the simple, incredible and Divine power in Jesus’ Name. In fact, how tragic it is, that this Good Name is not only ignored, but, sadly, so often spoken in the most thoughtless, and even blasphemous manner! We must pray for all of those who take the dear God's Most Holy Name in vain. For many, their offense springs mostly from their ignorance. But this does not alleviate the offense or the pain such thoughtlessness gives our Divine Master. The knowledge and understanding of the great Dignity that His Name deserves is certainly a gift - one that we should ask for - for ourselves and for others.

Pray every day for the grace to confidently and lovingly invoke this powerful Name at every hour and in every need.

Prayers from Votive Mass #13, all priests are including in Masses:

Collect: Despise not, O almighty God, Thy people who cry out in their affliction, but for the glory of Thy Name be appeased and help those in trouble. Through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Secret: Graciously receive, O Lord, these offerings by which Thou wert pleased to be appeased, and by the power of Thy mercy restore us to safety. Through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Postcommunion: Mercifully look down, we beseech Thee, O Lord, upon our tribulation, and turn away from us the wrath of Thy indignation which we have justly deserved. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Closing Hymn

Blessed Lamb! on Calvary's mountain slain to take our sins away;
Let the drops of that rich fountain our tremendous ransom pay;
Sacred Savior! Sacred Savior! lowly at Thy feet we pray.

Blessed Lamb! vouchsafe us pardon, in Thy love our souls confide;
By Thy groans within the garden, by the death which Thou hast died,
Let Thy Passion, let Thy Passion evermore with us abide!

So shall peace, sweet peace be given, purchase of Thy precious pain;
So shall earth but lead to heaven, since for us the Lamb was slain;
Dear Redeemer! dear Redeemer! Thou canst not have died in vain.