Sunday, December 1st - First Sunday of Advent - Blessed Edmund Campion M
Monday, December 2nd - Feria - St Bibiana VM
Tuesday, December 3rd - St Francis Xavier C
Wednesday, December 4th - St Peter Chrysologus BCD - St Barbara VM
Thursday, December 5th - Feria - St Sabbas Ab
Friday, December 6th - St Nicholas BC
Saturday, December 7th - St Ambrose BCD
Sunday, December 8th - Second Sunday of Advent - St Macarius M

  • Saturday, December 7 - Vigil of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception Fast and Complete Abstinence is required
  • December 8 - please note that the liturgical Feast of the Immaculate Conception has to be transferred this year in deference to the Sunday of Advent. The obligation to assist at Mass is not transferred, but remains fixed to December 8. In this instance, the Church allows for the festal Mass to be said at our evening Mass, provided the main parochial Mass is the Mass of the Sunday.
  • Anniversary Congratulations: Our Mother of Perpetual Help parish is Sulphur Springs, Ohio, will celebrate its 25th anniversary this coming week. Father will be joining the Bishop for the festival on Thursday, as he was there to establish this parish.
  • For those who are absolutely unable to assist at Holy Mass on Sundays - Mass is livestreamed from Mary Immaculate Queen Church (Rathdrum, Idaho, Pacific time) on Sundays at 7 a.m. and 9 a.m., as well as on Tuesday 11 a.m., Thursday at 6:30 a.m. and 11 a.m., and Saturday at 8 a.m.
  • Advent Prayers

from Saint Peter Chrysologus

"In Praise of Mary"

How secret are the private quarters of a king! No alien, no disloyal subject, gains access and entrance to it. The resplendent trappings of a royal court make all this clear to us. What unworthy person would dare approach the gates of the king’s palace?

Surely, no one is admitted to the inner chamber of a bridegroom except a relative or an intimate friend. He must be a person of good conscience, praiseworthy reputation, and upright life. Thus, too, it happens that God takes into His inner chamber only This One Virgin; she alone, with her virginity unimpaired, is received there.

"God's Advent through Love"

In one sermon, St Peter Chrysologus reflects on how God did not abandon man after his sin, but rather acted in power to stir up in our hearts the desire to see Him. The love God has for fallen humanity stirs us, even in our sinfulness, to seek Him, to want to see Him. St Peter unfolds this insight by showing how the Lord gently guided us from a kind of servile fear unto the full filial love of sons and daughters of God. God's love ignites in the human heart an intoxicating divine love which moves people to what seems to be irrational - that is, to want to see God with our own eyes:

The Law of Love is not concerned with what will be, what ought to be, what can be. Love does not reflect; it is unreasonable and knows no moderation. Such love refuses to be consoled when its goal proves impossible, despises all hindrances to the attainment of its object. Love destroys the lover if he cannot obtain what he loves. The yearning of love inflames desire. But why continue? It is intolerable for love not to see the object of its longing. That is why whatever reward they merited was nothing to the saints if they could not see God.

Mary's Intimate Life with Christ

At that time Mary's life was one of intimate union with God both in body and soul. It was the intimate life of a Mother with her Son. It was one life, one beating of both hearts. What intense and deep recollection was hers! All was centered upon the life of her divine Son. Whatever she did, she did for and with Him. She would view things with His eyes, love with His heart. His pleasure was her pleasure. Hence, that most intimate life with Jesus; hence, those pure and perfect sentiments of love and joy towards that God Who was enclosed in her bosom. If Heaven consists in the possession of God, Mary was already enjoying paradise through that most intimate possession which was more perfect, indeed, than that of even the angels in Heaven. It was, then, through union with her Son, a life totally divine, totally glorious, totally sanctifying.

That union affects me also. God wanted His Mother to be my Mother also, thus she loved me from that moment as His brother. She ardently desired that her Son should be born and redeem the world, and consequently, too, she had me constantly in mind. She wanted then, as she wants now, to keep me as her son – for me to be another Jesus. She wants me to be united with her as she was with Jesus, so that Jesus and I will partake of the same life.

What immense happiness, to think that I have as Mother the One chosen as the Mother of God. It is through Mary that we acquire a real relationship with Jesus. Jesus and I are brothers. Think of this and thank both Mother and Son for this marvelous achievement of love.

Imitate Mary in her divine maternity by living more intimately with Jesus. Make this union rich in practical results. Make sure your union of soul may be in word and in deed really worthy of such a great Mother.

Habit of Sin

If mortal sin be repeated many times, the habit of sin, or vice, is formed: the sinner acquires a certain proficiency in wickedness, and the will is permanently inclined to evil. The three instances in which Christ raised the dead exemplify mortal sin in its three stages: interior sin, exterior sin, and the habit of vice. Who only sins in his heart is like the daughter of Jairus, who lay dead within the house; he who commits sin outwardly is like the young man at Naim, who was carried out of the city gates; while he who is given up to vice is like Lazarus, who had lain several days in the grave. In the first two instances Our Lord merely bade the dead arise; in the last He was troubled in spirit, He wept, He caused the stone to be removed and called loudly into the interior of the sepulchre. This He did to signify the great difficulty of reawakening one who is sunk in vice to the life of the Spirit.