Sunday, September 19th - 17th Sunday after Pentecost - Ss Januarius & Comp Mm
Monday, September 20th - Ss Eustace & Comp Mm
Tuesday, September 21st - St Matthew ApEv
Wednesday, September 22nd - St Thomas Villanova BC - Holy Theban Legion Mm
Thursday, September 23rd - St Linus PM - St Thecla VM
Friday, September 24th - Our Lady of Ransom
Saturday, September 25th - St Firmin B
Sunday, September 26th - 18th Sunday after Pentecost - St Isaac Jogues & Comp Mm

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Our Lady of La Salette

Our Lady of LaSaletteI call on the Apostles of the Last Days, the faithful disciples of Jesus Christ who have lived in scorn for the world and for themselves, in poverty and humility, in scorn and silence, in prayer and mortification, in chastity and in union with God, in suffering and unknown to the world. Go and reveal yourselves to be my cherished children. I am at your side and within you. Fight, children of light: you, the few who can see.

The Virtue and Power of Our Lady's Name

And so, we call out to this Mother and Queen in confidence: Ave Maria... Salve Regina... Ave Maris Stella... Ave Regina Caelorum. We honor, respect and set aside in our hearts a special place for her Holy Name, Mary, for it was the beacon of our redemption. During the nine months that Jesus rested in His Mother's womb, no one encountered Christ except through Mary, as did the infant St. John the Baptist in the womb of St. Elizabeth. Christians will always go to Jesus through Mary. A person who wishes to follow Christ, yet denies the Mother given to him by Jesus on Calvary, is fooling himself.

Devotion to the Sorrows of our Blessed Lady

Devotion to the Sorrows of our Blessed Lady dates from Calvary. The Apostolic Church clung round her whom Jesus had given to be its Mother, and ever remembered that it was amid the pains, Blood, and agonies of the Passion, it had become the child of Mary - literally "the child of her Sorrows." The chief trait of the Church's first love to our Lady was a deep, tender, loving, and childlike devotion to her Sorrows, and the Apostolic age bequeathed this exquisite feeling to succeeding times.

This Mother of Sorrows blessed us who deserved maledictions; she loved us; she sacrificed her Son for our salvation. The sword pierced through and through her soul, but we were saved; and she, though a mere creature, cooperated with her Son in the work of our salvation. Jesus chose this moment for the making her the Mother of men. Never had Mary's Heart loved us as she did then. The Sword, by piercing her Immaculate Heart, has given us admission there. For time and eternity, Mary will extend to us the love she bore her Son, for we are her children. He is our Lord, for He redeemed us; She is our Lady, for she generously cooperated in our redemption.

Animated by confidence, O Mother of Sorrows! we come to thee. For our salvation, thou didst unite thyself to the Sacrifice of thy Jesus. O Queen of Mercy! O Refuge of Sinners! O untiring Advocate! Deign, sweet Mother, to watch over us. May our souls, redeemed by the Blood of thy Son and helped by thy tears, be thoroughly converted, and persevere, henceforward, faithful in His service.

Epistle for the 16th Sunday after Pentacost

In today’s Epistle, the Apostle tells us we must practice, among other virtues, these three: humility, mildness, and patience. The Man-God asks that His members maintain such harmony that it will make them of one body and one spirit, in the bond of peace. Let us, therefore, bind ourselves by that blessed link of charity which, if it fetters at all, fetters only our bad tempers; but in all other respects, dilates our hearts by giving free scope to the Holy Ghost. Of course, charity, even with the Saints, is, so long as they are on this earth, a laborious virtue. The weaknessess of human nature will show themselves; when these weaknesses do crop up, not only is the saint himself humbled, but they who live with him have to practice kindness and patience towards him. God permits all this in order to increase the merit of all, and make us long more and more for heaven. There alone shall we find ourselves not only totally, but without any effort, in perfect harmony with our fellow men. The eternal Son of God, having then conquered the hostile powers and death itself in each member of his Mystical Body, will appear as the true Head of humanity, restored and sanctified in Him. He will rejoice at seeing how there has been wrought in each one the destined degree of perfection.

Then will He, the Word, join with all His members, in order to eternally celebrate the glory of the ever adorable Trinity. How will not the sweetest music of earth be then surpassed! Let us get ourselves ready for that heavenly concert. Let us put our voices in order by attuning our hearts to that plenitude of love, which alas! is not often enjoyed here below, but which we should ever be trying to realize, by that patiently supporting the faults of our brethren and ourselves, as the Epistle earnestly impresses upon us

Saint Matthew the apostle, preaching in Ethiopia

Matthew the apostle, preaching in Ethiopia, made a great sermon of the glory of the earthly paradise, saying that it appeared above all the mountains and was nigh unto heaven, and that there were neither thorns nor rocks, and that the lilies and roses flourished always and waxed never old; but the people were there always young, and the sound of angels sounded there always, and the birds came anon as they were called. And out of this paradise was man cast, but he was called to the paradise of heaven by the nativity of our Lord. As he said these words, a great noise arose and a great weeping was made, for the king’s son was dead, and when the enchanters could not raise him, he sent for the apostle. And when the apostle was come he made his prayer and raised the king's son. And by the commandment of Matthew they made a great church of gold and silver, which in thirty days space was edified and achieved. In which church the apostle sat three and thirty years, and converted all Ethiopia to the faith of Christ. And the king, with his wife and daughter, and all the people, were baptized. from The Golden Legend