Sunday, June 16th - Trinity Sunday - St John Francis Regis C
Monday, June 17th - St Avitus AbC
Tuesday, June 18th - St Ephrem Deacon, CD - Ss Mark & Marcellinus Mm
Wednesday, June 19th - St Juliana Falconieri V - Ss Gervase & Protase Mm
Thursday, June 20th - Corpus Christi - St Silverius PM
Friday, June 21st - St Aloysius Gonzaga C
Saturday, June 22nd - St Paulinus BC - St John Fisher BM
Sunday, June 23rd - 2nd Sunday after Pentecost

  • Fathers Day! Best wishes to all the Fathers of our parish and especially to our Fr Gregory! Remember the Bishop and all the priests in your good prayers today.
  • Procession next Sunday Annual Corpus Christi Procession immediately after the morning Mass, with Benediction in our Lady's Grotto.
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  • Many thanks to the Sisters and Mothers who managed to provide yet another outstanding Catechism Camp for our youngsters! God bless you, one and all!
  • St. Mechtilde Music Fesitval - July 26-28 Register online at, or mail-in registration and payment.

Blessed Virgin Mary

The Father of all elected the Blessed Virgin for a unique and special mission. He created her pure, spotless, immaculate, preserving her from the least hint or touch of sin. Mary lived and breathed God's love; it was the sole motivation and the goal of her very existence.

God the Son chose sweet Mary, the Spiritual Vessel, Vessel of Honor, Singular Vessel of devotion, as His very dwelling place. More than making her the blessed Vessel through which He came to us, He made her the indispensible channel through which He shares with us the merits of His life and His death.

Then there is her relationship with God the Holy Ghost. The saints spoke of Mary as the spouse of the Holy Ghost, since it was by His overshadowing that she conceived Christ in her womb. Her union with God not only bore fruit in the birth of Christ, but in every magnificent increase of sanctifying grace throughout her life.

For ourselves: Let us ask Mary to make us more aware of the Father's love and designs upon our souls, more loving children toward Him. To make us "mothers" of the Son by nurturing His life within ourselves, feeding that Life with the holy sacraments and the graces of every day. And to nourish our relationship with the Holy Ghost, so that His grace will produce more and more Life within us, and pour out upon those we meet. We are in truth temples of the Blessed Trinity, so long as we remain in the state of sanctifying grace. Watching Mary, copying Mary, loving Mary, our union with the three Divine Persons cannot but grow. She gave God glory in everything, and thus we also conclude: Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Ghost. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be: world without end. Amen.

Faith of our Fathers, Holy Faith! We will be true to thee 'til death

Saints Cecilia and Peter of Verona

When the incorrupt body of Saint Cecilia was discovered in the catacombs several centuries after her death, the gesture of her fingers continued to give mute testimony of her unshakable belief in One God in Three Divine Persons.

Saint Peter of Verona was brutally murdered for his staunch defense of the Unity and Trinity of God. As he lay dying, he dipped his finger in his blood and inscribed in the roadway: Credo in unum Deum - I believe in One God.

Hail Mary! beloved Daughter of the Eternal Father!
Hail Mary! Admirable Mother of the Son!
Hail Mary! Faithful Spouse of the Holy Ghost!
Hail Mary! Temple of the most Blessed Trinity!

Closing Hymn

God Father, praise and glory Thy children bring to Thee;
Thy grace and peace to mankind shall now forever be.
And Thou, Lord co-eternal, God’s sole-begotten Son:
O Jesus, King anointed, Who hast redemption won!
O Holy Ghost, Creator, Thou Gift of God most high:
Life, Love, and holy Wisdom, our weakness Thou supply.
O Most Holy Trinity,
Undivided Unity!
Holy God, mighty God,
God immortal, be adored!

St. Mechtilde Music Festival, July 26-28

It's been a success each time, but more attendees can definitely be accommodated! Featured: voice coaching and training by music professors, new hymns, chants and Masses, a great opportunity to meet fellow traditional Catholics from other parts of the country who love good music, and nightly "open mic" sessions (be ready to perform your favorite solo, choral, or instrumental piece)! Fr. Casimir will be there to help coordinate the activities. Hope you can come! Register online at, or mail-in registration and payment. features recordings from past festivals, and OLS recordings. I'm excited to say that the Mass being learned this year is Hassler's Mass "Dixit Maria." It is very similar to his famous "Dixit Maria". You will love it, I'm sure! Fr. Casmir

Upcoming Events

June 9 - 11: Priests' Meeting
June 10 - 14: Catechism Camp
June: 23: Corpus Christi procession
July 15 - 20: Omaha Girls Camp

July 22-26: Omaha Boys Camp
July 26 - 28: St Mechtilde Festival
July 28 - August 2: Idaho Boys Camp, Girls Camp
August 11 - 16 MSM Ladies' Retreat