Upcoming Events

Feast of the Purification

  • June 1-5: Catechism Camp. Time will tell as to whether we will be able to hold it then. Nonetheless, please begin signing up your children for that week of study, song and fun, so our good Sisters have an idea as to how many children to expect.
  • June 9-11: Priests Retreat, Omaha.
  • July 13-19: Omaha Girls' camp.
  • July 24-26: St Mechtilde Music Festival,
  • July 26-31: Camp St Philomena (Spokane, Girls).
  • July 27-31: Omaha Boys' Camp.
  • August 11-16: Womens' retreat (Spokane).
  • Catechism Classes: 1st and 3rd Sundays - on hold until further notice
  • Mothers, Grandmothers, Godmothers: Confraternity of Christian Mothers will continue to pray a rosary after Mass on the right side of the church every week, hold a monthly meeting on the last Sunday of the month.