Sunday, June 24th - 5th Sunday after Pentecost - Nativity of St John the Baptist

Monday, June 25th - St William Ab

Tuesday, June 26th - Ss John & Paul Mm

Wednesday, June 27th - Our Mother of Perpetual Help

Thursday, June 28th - St Irenaeus BM - Vigil of Ss Peter & Paul

Friday, June 29th - Ss Peter & Paul App

Saturday, June 30th - Comm. of St Paul App

Sunday, July 1st - Most Precious Blood of Jesus - 6th Sunday after Pentecost

We welcome anyone who maybe be visiting Our Lady of the Snow Catholic Church. Please feel free to ask any questions and join us after Mass for our usual socializing. You are welcome to browse through any of our literature. Extra head coverings and Missals are at the back of the church. Remember, Holy Communion may only be received by Catholics who observe the Traditional teachings of the Catholic Church, are in the state of sanctifying grace, and have completed a three hour fast.

Please observe the rules of modesty as posted at the back of the church, out of respect for Our Lord and His Church.

Please follow the dress code for our church - Women and girls please wear dresses/skirts and head coverings; and men please wear dress slacks to Mass. Please be sure all clothing is modest and meet Catholic standards.


God Father, praise and glory Thy children bring to Thee;
Thy grace and peace to mankind shall now forever be.
And Thou, Lord co-eternal, God's sole-begotten Son:
O Jesus, King anointed, Who hast redemption won!
O Holy Ghost, Creator, Thou Gift of God most high:
Life, Love and Holy Wisdom, our weakness Thou supply.
O Most Holy Trinity! Undivided Unity!
Holy God, mighty God, God immortal, be adored!

Miraculous Staircase of Santa Fe, New Mexico

Wrapping up Catechism Camp: the students’ skit

Two angels bring the Sisters' request to Saint Joseph: "We need a staircase!" "Hmm, a chapel in honor of my dear Mary. I think I'll go there myself. There’s excellent wood in Nazareth. Have the trees turned into planes and have them in Santa Fe by tomorrow morning. I'm going to tell Jesus and Mary of my plans."

"Do you think we will EVER have a staircase to our choir loft, Mother Magdalen?"

"Our novenas to Saint Joseph won't fail! Be patient, Sister."

"Mother Magdalen, there’s a man outside. He has come to work!"

Saint Joseph aka "the cowboy carpenter": "I've had some experience in the carpentry trade. I can find you a solution! Have you considered a spiral staircase?"

"What a godsend you are! How soon can you have the plans?"

"Right now; I have them with me. 33 steps for Our Lord's 33 years here on earth, and two complete 360 degrees turns for His two natures."

Using only a hammer, a saw and a Tsquare, the mysterious visitor built a 22' stairwell with no supporting center pole - it hangs with no support, the entire weight being on the base. No nails were used, only wooden pegs. Each piece is perfectly curved. The wood used cannot be identified, yet experts say it is definitely not indigenous to the region. Upon completion of the stairway, the carpenter disappeared without notice, and received no compensation for the task. There are no records from the local lumberyard for purchases of wood or other building materials.

The stairs as finished by Saint Joseph

With additions by a local artisan

St. Mechtilde Music Festival

We will be hosting the annual St. Mechtilde Music Festival again at Our Lady of the Snow July 27th - 29th! This celebration of the Church's liturgical music is an instructional event that brings many of our religious to our church, as well as other Traditional Catholic singers and families from around the country. It is also an opportunity for many people who do not have a large or dedicated choir in their home parishes to have the experience of learning and singing with many others in a combined choir, and to meet other Traditional Catholics. There will be High Mass offered each evening, and dinners Friday and Saturday nights (featuring Open Mic performances) that are open to all! Check out for more information and to register to attend!

There are many ways to support this parish event - if you are not a musician but would like to volunteer for help with food service for any/all of the meals, or to provide lodging or transportation for visiting attendees to help make it less of a financial burden for travelers, please contact Mary Hopkins at 303-280-0194 or email

You can also sign up to volunteer at