Sunday, May 14th - 4th Sunday after Easter - St Boniface M

Monday, May 15th - St John Baptist de la Salle C - St Dymphna VM

Tuesday, May 16th - St Ubaldus BC - St John Nepomucene M

Wednesday, May 17th - St Paschal Baylon C

Thursday, May 18th - St Venantius M

Friday, May 19th - St Peter Celestine PC

Saturday, May 20th - BVM Saturday - St Bernardine of Siena C

Sunday, May 21st - 5th Sunday after Easter - St Hospitius C

We welcome anyone who maybe be visiting Our Lady of the Snow Catholic Church. Please feel free to ask any questions and join us after Mass for our usual socializing. You are welcome to browse through any of our literature. Extra head coverings and Missals are at the back of the church. Remember, Holy Communion may only be received by Catholics who observe the Traditional teachings of the Catholic Church, are in the state of sanctifying grace, and have completed a three hour fast.

Please observe the rules of modesty as posted at the back of the church, out of respect for Our Lord and His Church.

Please follow the dress code for our church - Women and girls please wear dresses/skirts and head coverings; and men please wear dress slacks to Mass. Please be sure all clothing is modest and meet Catholic standards.


Easter Season this year: March 5 to June 11. Those over the age of seven who have received their first Holy Communion must receive Communion once during this time.

Mary, the Mother of God.

The month of May is flower-bedecked, and to add to its loveliness, it is dedicated to the most beautiful flower of all: Mary, the Mother of God. No month could be more fitting for her.

May devotions have a splendor all their own. When "On this Day O Beautiful Mother " peals forth, it brings a deep feeling of closeness to Mary. Garlands of flowers, petal-strewn processions, culminating in crowning her image, all are forms of homage to Our Queen.

Reading the Litany of Our Lady, we discover a list of the most meaningful titles the Holy Mother Church can bestow on any creature. As all good earthly queens look to the welfare of their subjects, so Mary, on a much grander scale, cares for us. She is the summit of kindness and consideration.

In Mary are found all the virtues. How worthy she is worthy of admiration! Hers is a heart adorned as no other, filled with tenderness for the sinner Her Divine Son died to save; with meekness to confound the proud, with kindness toward human frailty; with love for all, because God has loved them first.

It is, however, Mary's holiness and purity that become the special object of our devotion; a purity of soul and body that we should revere and strive to imitate. Sin and Satan were never a part of Mary's life. Not for a moment was there any difference between her will and that of the Most High. Not for a moment was there anything in Mary that could displease her Lord in any way. Of all God's creatures, Mary is indeed all fair, the beloved of the Almighty.

During this month dedicated to her, let us admire the sinlessness of God's Mother, of our own Heavenly Mother. With God's grace and Mary's assistance and intercession, we can achieve that purity of soul that is pleasing to her and to her Son.

A mother is someone to shelter and guide us,
To love us, whatever we do,
With a warm understanding and infinite patience,
And wonderful gentleness, too.

How often a mother means swift reassurance
In soothing our great or small fears,
How tenderly mothers watch over their children
And treasure them all through the years.

The heart of a mother is full of forgiveness
For any mistake, big or small,
And generous always in helping her family
Whose needs she has placed above all.

A mother can utter a word of compassion
And make all our cares fall away,
She can brighten a home with the sound of her laughter
To sweeten our work and our play.

A mother possesses incredible wisdom
And wonderful insight and skill-
In each human heart is that one special corner
Which only a mother can fill!

Mother of Providence,
Virgin most holy,
Here at thy shrine we kneel,
Virgin most holy.
Queen of the Universe,
guide and protect us!
Mother of Providence,
Mother of mankind.

Queen of our home,
O Mother of Providence!
Queen of our hearts,
O Mother of God!
O take thou us 'neath
thy mantle of blue;
take us beneath
thy mantle of blue.

We come to thee today,
Mother of Providence,
to ask thy loving aid,
Virgin most holy.
Hear us and pray for us,
Virgin most holy!
Grant us the grace to know
Jesus our King.

Prayer for our Country Leaders

We pray Thee, God of might, wisdom and justice, through Whom authority is rightly administered, laws are enacted, and judgment decreed: assist, with Thy Holy Spirit of counsel and fortitude, the President of these United States, that his administration may be conducted in righteousness, and be eminently useful to Thy people over whom he presides, by encouraging due respect for virtue and religion; by a faithful execution of the laws in justice and mercy; and by restraining vice and immorality.

Let the light of Thy divine wisdom direct the deliberations of Congress, and shine forth in all the proceedings and laws framed for our rule and government, so that they may tend to the preservation of peace, the promotion of national happiness, the increase of industry, sobriety, and useful knowledge, and may perpetuate to us the blessings of equal liberty.

We recommend likewise to Thy unbounded mercy all our brethren and fellow-citizens throughout the United States, that they may be blessed in the knowledge, and sanctified in the observance of Thy most holy law; that they may be preserved in union, and in that peace which the world cannot give; and, after enjoying the blessings of this life, be admitted to those which are eternal.

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for our country, consecrated to thy Immaculate Conception.