Sunday, September 17th - 15th Sunday after Pentecost - Stigmata of Saint Francis

Monday, September 18th - St Joseph of Cupertino C

Tuesday, September 19th - Ss Januarius & Comp Mm

Wednesday, September 20th - Ss Eustace & Comp Mm

Thursday, September 21st - St Matthew Ap

Friday, September 22nd - St Thomas Villanova BC

Saturday, September 23rd - Ss Linus PM, Thecla VM

Sunday, September 24th - 16th Sunday after Pentecost - Our Lady of Ransom

We welcome anyone who maybe be visiting Our Lady of the Snow Catholic Church. Please feel free to ask any questions and join us after Mass for our usual socializing. You are welcome to browse through any of our literature. Extra head coverings and Missals are at the back of the church. Remember, Holy Communion may only be received by Catholics who observe the Traditional teachings of the Catholic Church, are in the state of sanctifying grace, and have completed a three hour fast.

Please observe the rules of modesty as posted at the back of the church, out of respect for Our Lord and His Church.

Please follow the dress code for our church - Women and girls please wear dresses/skirts and head coverings; and men please wear dress slacks to Mass. Please be sure all clothing is modest and meet Catholic standards.


Saint Joseph of Cupertino

Tomorrow's feast: Saint Joseph of Cupertino, The Reluctant Saint See the story of his life on

According to St. Alphonsus de Liguori, Our Lord promised four principal graces to souls devoted to His Mother's Sorrows:

Saints and Doctors of the Church promote devotion to Our Lady of Sorrows

St. Albert the Great: As we are under great obligations to Jesus for His Passion endured for our love, so also are we under great obligations to Mary for the martyrdom she voluntarily suffered for our salvation, in the death of her Son.

St. Alphonsus de Liguori: The Blessed Virgin Mary, for the love she bore us, was willing to see her Son sacrificed to Divine Justice by the barbarity of men. This great torment which Mary endured for us - a torment more than a thousand deaths - deserves both our compassion and our gratitude. If we can make no other return for so much love, at least let us give a few moments this day to consider the greatness of the sufferings by which Mary became the Queen of martyrs.

St. Antoninus: While other martyrs suffered by sacrificing their own lives, the Blessed Virgin suffered by sacrificing her Son's life - a life that she loved far more than her own; so that she not only suffered in her soul all that her Son endured in His body, bur moreover the sight of her Son's torments brought more grief to her heart than if she had endured them all in her own person.

St. Agnes to St. Bridget: Our compassionate and benign Mother was satisfied rather to endure any torment than that our souls should not be redeemed.

St Bernard: The Passion of Jesus began with His birth. So also did Mary, in all things like unto Her Son, endure Her martyrdom throughout Her life.

St. Bernadine of Sienna: The grief of Mary was so great that, were it divided amongst all men, it would suffice to cause their immediate death.

Saint Januarius

On September 19th, the Church celebrates the feast of Saint Januarius, martyred at Naples in 305. The liquefaction of his blood is an extraordinary miracle that has occurred up to 18 times each year for the past 600 years, the first time being in 1389. Two vials of the saint's blood reside in his church, as well as a larger reliquary containing his head. On his feastday, the vials are brought near the head. While the officiant holds the vial of blood by its handle so that all may see, (taking care not to touch the glass), prayers are offered to "San Gennaro". After a time - sometimes longer, sometimes shorter - the coagulated blood is seen to gradually detach itself from the walls of the flasks and to liquefy, frequently bubbling and frothing. The vials are then brought to the faithful for their veneration. "The miracle has happened!" is proclaimed, causing great joy and the chanting of the 'Te Deum'. In the evening the reliquary is returned to its silver case inside the altar. The next day, the blood might be found coagulated or it may remain in a liquid state and continue so for days or months!

Blessed Francis, holy Father

A reflection on "the gentle Saint Francis": his life of closely following Jesus Christ began with a miraculous Voice speaking to him from a Crucifix, and ended with the wounds of the Crucified imprinted on his own hands, and feet, and side.

Blessed Francis, holy Father
Now our hearts to thee we raise
As we gather 'round thine altar
Pouring forth our hymns of praise.
Bless thy children, holy Francis,
Who thy mighty help implore
For in heaven thou remainest
Still the father of the poor.

By thy love so deep and burning
For thy Savior crucified,
By the tokens which He gave thee
On thy hands and feet and side:
Bless thy children, holy Francis,
With those wounded hands of thine
From thy glorious throne in heaven
Where resplendently they shine.