Sunday, Aug 5th - 11th Sunday after Pentecost - Dedication of Our Lady of the Snows

Monday, Aug 6th - Transfiguration of Our Lord - St Sixtus II P

Tuesday, Aug 7th - St Cajetan C - St Donatus BM

Wednesday, Aug 8th - Ss Cyricaus, Largus & Smaragdus Mm

Thursday, Aug 9th - St John Marie Vianney C- Vigil of St Lawrence, St Romanus M

Friday, Aug 10th - St Lawrence M

Saturday, Aug 11th - St Philomena VM - Ss Tiburtius & Susanna Mm

Sunday, Aug 12th - 12th Sunday after Pentecost - St Clare V

We welcome anyone who maybe be visiting Our Lady of the Snow Catholic Church. Please feel free to ask any questions and join us after Mass for our usual socializing. You are welcome to browse through any of our literature. Extra head coverings and Missals are at the back of the church. Remember, Holy Communion may only be received by Catholics who observe the Traditional teachings of the Catholic Church, are in the state of sanctifying grace, and have completed a three hour fast.

Please observe the rules of modesty as posted at the back of the church, out of respect for Our Lord and His Church.

Please follow the dress code for our church - Women and girls please wear dresses/skirts and head coverings; and men please wear dress slacks to Mass. Please be sure all clothing is modest and meet Catholic standards.


Our Lady of the Snows

Our Lady of the Snows, Immaculate Queen of the Universe, from this privileged sanctuary Thou hast bestowed so many countless graces and pledges of love upon the hearts and souls of millions. O Mother, from this cradle of Christianity, this Mother Church of all churches, deign to shower forth the graces of thine Immaculate Heart upon the faithful throughout the world, wherever they may be, and grant them the graces of a childlike love and unwavering fidelity to the truths of our holy Faith. Grant, good Mother, to the faithful bishops of the Church the grace to defend Her Sacred Teachings, and to persevere courageously against all the enemies of the Holy Church. Amen.

Hail, holy Queen enthroned above, O Maria!
Hail, Mother of mercy and of love, O Maria!
Triumph, all ye Cherubim!
Sing with us, ye Seraphim!
Heav'n and earth resound the hymn:
Salve, Salve, Salve Regina!

Our life, our sweetness here below: O Maria!
Our hope in sorrow and in woe, O Maria!
Triumph, all ye Cherubim!
Sing with us, ye Seraphim!
Heav'n and earth resound the hymn:
Salve, Salve, Salve Regina!

Saints at Our Lady of the Snows

As St Gregory the Great sang Mass in this basilica one Easter Sunday, his salutation "Pax vobis" was answered by an invisible choir of angels, who sang "Et cum spiritu tuo." (It is still the custom, I think, whenever the Pope says Mass in St. Mary Major, not to respond to the words "Pax vobis," but to leave it to the angels. - Ed. note, 1908)

St. Henry II, Emperor of Germany, while watching one night in this church, is said to have been favored with a vision of our Divine Lord and His Holy Mother

St. Bridget of Sweden, while praying here, fell into an ecstasy and had a vision of the mystery of the Purification, and of the homage paid to our Lady by the angels and saints in heaven.

St. Ignatius of Loyola chose St. Mary Major, out of all the churches of Rome, as the one where he would say his first Mass. This glad event took place on Christmas night, 1538, at the altar of the Holy Crib.

St. Francis Borgia, third General of the Society of Jesus, had a great devotion to this picture of our Lady. With the special leave of Pope St. Pius V, he had an authentic copy of it made, from which other copies were made and spread through the houses of the Society.

How many saints have knelt before this picture - St. Philip Neri, St. Charles Borromeo

St. John Berchmans often knelt with ecstatic devotion before this picture. In the early morning, before the doors were opened, St. Philip would occasionally be found on his knees in the porch.

St. Stanislaus Kostka, the Jesuit novice, felt a special attraction to this sanctuary and picture. Before retiring to rest, he customarily prostrated himself with his face turned towards St. Mary Major, and recited three Hail Marys as a mark of his love for her. One day as he was leaving the basilica his companion, seeing his face flushed with holy fervor, said to him: "Stanislaus, you seem to love our Lady very much." The holy youth replied, with a heavenly smile: "Ah, yes, she is my Mother! The Mother of God is also my Mother!" "Mater Dei est Mater mea!"

Bernini's statue of St. Cajetan, embracing the Holy Child, is a memorial of the privilege granted to that Saint, who prayed with great confidence at the shrine on Christmas night, 1517, and received the Divine Infant in his arms on this spot.

The incorrupt remains of St. Pius V (1565-1572), lie on the left side of the Sixtine chapel.

The body of St. Jerome, the great Doctor of the Church, translated from Bethlehem in 640, lies somewhere in this chapel, but the exact spot is unknown.

Beneath the crypt-altar is the body of St. Matthias, the Apostle. In the centre of the area is a kneeling figure of Pope Pius IX, who first intended this as his place of sepulture; but after the invasion of Rome in 1870, he chose to be buried among the poor at S. Lorenzo.

A s the channel down the mountain from the everlasting snow
Bears along the cooling torrent to the burning plains below,
From a throne of heav’nly splendor, thru a field of sky-blue space,
Falls a flood of tender mercies borne by Mary, full of grace!

And the soul in all its torment finds relief from all its pain
And rejoices, as the flowers that welcome heaven's rain
And a ray of hope and gladness shines with radiance from afar
As the night of sin and sorrow pales beneath our Morning Star!