Sunday, April 16th - Easter Sunday

Monday, April 17th - St Anicetus PM

Tuesday, April 18th - St Apollonius M

Wednesday, April 19th - St Elphege BM

Thursday, April 20th - St Agnes of Montepulciano V

Friday, April 21st - St Anselm BCD

Saturday, April 22nd - Ss Soter & Caius PpMm

Sunday, April 23rd - Low Sunday - St George M

We welcome anyone who maybe be visiting Our Lady of the Snow Catholic Church. Please feel free to ask any questions and join us after Mass for our usual socializing. You are welcome to browse through any of our literature. Extra head coverings and Missals are at the back of the church. Remember, Holy Communion may only be received by Catholics who observe the Traditional teachings of the Catholic Church, are in the state of sanctifying grace, and have completed a three hour fast.

Please observe the rules of modesty as posted at the back of the church, out of respect for Our Lord and His Church.

Please follow the dress code for our church - Women and girls please wear dresses/skirts and head coverings; and men please wear dress slacks to Mass. Please be sure all clothing is modest and meet Catholic standards.


Easter Season

March 5 to June 11. Those over the age of seven and those who have received their first Holy Communion, must receive Communion once during this time.

The Seven Sacraments, Fruit of the Sacrifice of Calvary, in the light of the Glorious Mysteries

THE RESURRECTION: "With Christ, all shall be brought back to life."

For a night and a day and another night, the Body of Jesus Christ lay dead in the tomb, a great stone sealing in the darkness. The pale limbs were washed and wrapped in linen; a white cloth covered His face, a winding sheet with aromatic spices encircled His Body. Bloodless, lifeless... then, quick as thought, the beautiful Body was alive again, and rose bright as a dozen suns!

Through Baptism, our souls, dead in the tomb of Original Sin, radiate divine grace. Just as "Christ rose and appeared to many," so should I appear to the world as a follower of Christ, radiating virtue.

THE ASCENSION: "You will be baptized with the Holy Spirit."

John the Baptist was not merely the prophet of Christ; his life was a preview of Christ's. His first words in public, "Do penance, the Kingdom of God is at hand", were Christ's as well. He was hated by the Pharisees. Human respect led Herod to order his death, just as Pilate condemned Jesus for fear of the people. And John's baptism, though a mere symbol of repentance, fore-shadowed Christ's sacrament, which makes us temples of God, and His sons.

By Baptism, God lives in us; by a life of fidelity to grace we shall live forever in Him.

THE DESCENT OF THE HOLY GHOST: "Tongues of fire rested on them."

The Apostles had thought it great virtue to protest their valor, as long as Jesus was a popular hero. "Let us go to Jerusalem and die with Him! Lord, we have been casting out devils! Master, shall we call down fire from heaven to destroy them? We can drink of Thy Chalice! I would die before disowning Thee!" But when hatred and revenge burst over Christ's head, the Apostles, after one wild stroke of the sword in His defense, fled. But after Pentecost, Confirmation Day, they begin to be glad to suffer for Christ.

Have I forgotten my Confirmation? Do I realize that, in Confirmation, I was given the grace to be a zealous, courageous Catholic?

THE ASSUMPTION: "Take and eat; this is My Body."

Loving Jesus was the sum-total of Mary's spirituality. God united her heart to His in every conceivable way. She bore Him - Body, Soul, Divinity - beneath her heart for nine months. For thirty-three years, He was her heart's preoccupation. On Calvary, Jesus and Mary were united, bleeding heart and soul, in a spiritual communion unimaginably intense. Then, until she was borne away to "the kingdom of her Son," Mary's love for Jesus grew ever deeper as she received her Son's Body and Blood in sacramental Communion.

Jesus was Mary's heaven, and Holy Communion was her heaven on earth. If I really love Christ, I'll receive Him in Holy Communion as often as I can.

THE CORONATION: "My son was dead, but has come to life."

Amid the fiery splendor of all the glorious seraphim, Mary was crowned Queen of heaven's angels and saints. But she is the Immaculate Queen of earthly sinners as well. The world is full of her prodigal sons. This good Mother "watches from afar off," praying endlessly for their repentance. If they take one step only toward her, she runs to meet them. The grace of repentance, which Jesus won for sinners, is given to them through Mary.

Habits of sin can be broken in Confession, if I have real sorrow. I should ask Mary for it often.

Regina Coeli

Prayer for our Country Leaders

We pray Thee, God of might, wisdom and justice, through Whom authority is rightly administered, laws are enacted, and judgment decreed: assist, with Thy Holy Spirit of counsel and fortitude, the President of these United States, that his administration may be conducted in righteousness, and be eminently useful to Thy people over whom he presides, by encouraging due respect for virtue and religion; by a faithful execution of the laws in justice and mercy; and by restraining vice and immorality.

Let the light of Thy divine wisdom direct the deliberations of Congress, and shine forth in all the proceedings and laws framed for our rule and government, so that they may tend to the preservation of peace, the promotion of national happiness, the increase of industry, sobriety, and useful knowledge, and may perpetuate to us the blessings of equal liberty.

We recommend likewise to Thy unbounded mercy all our brethren and fellow-citizens throughout the United States, that they may be blessed in the knowledge, and sanctified in the observance of Thy most holy law; that they may be preserved in union, and in that peace which the world cannot give; and, after enjoying the blessings of this life, be admitted to those which are eternal.

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for our country, consecrated to thy Immaculate Conception.